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Citizen Dog Gallery celebrates the storied history of dogs and cats in America as represented in these various pen & ink moving pictures of their daily lives among the people of their time.

This selection of previously published works – first seen in newsprint from May of 1995 through June of 2001 - has been carefully restored and republished in digital form and made available here to the public.

The effort has been made possible through hours of volunteer work performed by generous dogs, cats and humans who are dedicated to promoting the roles that our dog and cat ancestors played in the culture of this great pet-loving country.

This gallery is a proud dog, cat and human owned for-profit business. And on a personal note I would like to add that, as a cat, I am honored to be representing this project with equal amounts of respect and fervor for all groups.


Despite the fact that the cat art sold here is quite obviously of a much higher standard.

-Cuddles Theodore, Curator

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